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Weblock is currently in beta. You can already use the service, but things may still change a bit.

Weblock Association

To sustain the activities and the archive, Weblock will be organized as a membership-based, non-commercial association open to publishers, libraries, universities, and other interested parties. It is planned to be formally registered in Switzerland later this year when the founding members have been identified. Thus, Weblock will be a community that is as sustainable and long-lived as the commitment from its members.

The software and storage solution behind the Weblock archive is currently being maintained by Dietrich Rordorf. Initially the association will use this technology stack and infrastructure to run the archive. However, the articles of the association will give freedom to its members and the Board to make alternative or complementary arrangements in future. The ultimate goal is that publishers, libraries and others join forces to establish, develop and operate a robust, scalable web archive at an affordable cost.

Currently we are looking for parties interested to join the community and co-found this association. Please get in touch with Dietrich Rordorf, E-mail: dr@ediqo.com

Mission Statement

Draft mission statement of Weblock Association:

The Association aims at promoting digital archiving best practice and providing long-term preservation solutions for digital objects, including websites and other documents relevant to scientific, scholarly, medical or legal research and practice, in particular websites and other online material referenced in scientific, scholarly, medical or legal publications, and other digital objects and publications of relevance to researchers, medical or legal practitioners, historians, citizens, society at large, or future generations.

The Association may engage in all activities and take all actions necessary and appropriate to carry out or promote the above objectives, including, but not limited to: establishing, developing, operating and maintaining archives and preservation solutions, ordering others to do so, or participating in similar initiatives.

Articles of Association

Please click below button to download the draft Articles of Association of the Weblock Association as of January 2016.

Draft Articles of Association (PDF)


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