weblock.io — Robust Linking and Archiving of Websites Cited in Scholarly, Scientific and Legal Documents

Weblock is currently in beta. You can already use the service, but things may still change a bit.


Weblock will be a community of publishers, libraries and other parties concerned by the preservation of web pages and other digital objects. Currently we are looking for parties interested to join the community and co-found a membership-based, non-commercial association to this purpose.

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Membership Categories & Fees

It is planned to have several member categories and fees depending on the size of the member (publishing-related revenues for publishers or number of patrons for libraries), with membership fees ranging from 200 CHF (Swiss Francs) to 5,000 CHF per year. For more details, refer to Article 10 of the draft articles of association. Membership fees will be used to cover costs of managing the association, the general assembly meeting, advocacy and other association activities.

Service Fee

In addition to yearly membership fees, there will be a one-time service fee of 0.49 USD per successfully archived web link. Service fees will be used for covering costs of providing preservation technologies and maintaining an archive infrastructure.

Free Plan

Individual, irregular users can create up to 10 web page archives per month for free and without membership.